Dec 08 2022


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PARS Book Club

We are very pleased to present our new online book club, hosted by Grant Lambie.

The aim of the PARS Book Club is to share a wide range of literature relevant to the theory and practice of working with children and young people. PARS Book Club is for anybody who wants to develop their knowledge of literature about children and childhood.

Unlike traditional book clubs where everyone reads and discusses the same book, each session will include three international speakers talking about different pieces of literature, such as academic papers, practitioner blogs, novels, textbooks and even cartoon strips! This will enable PARS Book Club participants to sample a diverse range of literature which may be helpful to follow up for their own work.

Each Book Club runs for 1 hour and cover three pieces of literature, opening with a talk from a guest author about their own work and also including two short presentations from participants reviewing a work which has affected their practice. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

This month’s speakers are:

Tracy Chen, who will be presenting her new book: Sensory Play Education –  how children enhance their different abilities through play.

Theresa Casey, independent consultant and writer – Roger A Hart (1992) Children’s Participation from Tokenism to Citizenship. Innocenti Essays No 4 Unicef.

Dr Adva Eichengreen, Leiden University – Eichengreen, A., Zaidman-Zait, A., Most, T., & Golik, G. (2021) Resilience from childhood to young adulthood: Retrospective perspectives of deaf and hard of hearing people who studied in regular schools. Psychology & Health.

Please book online to join the PARS Book Club. The cost is just £5, or free if you are a PARS Practitioner. For more information, or to be added to the mailing list for future PARS Book Clubs, please contact us.


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