Feb 17 2023


All Day

PARS Playwork Practice Level 1 Watford, UK

This is an in-house training day for Knutz Kids, Watford UK.

Face to face PARS Playwork Practice level 1 course at Knutz Kids, Watford UK with PARS Licensed Trainer, Jo Hepworth.

The course aims to introduce PARS playwork practice as an alternative/complementary professional approach to working with children in supervised settings.

A PPP1 course will provide you with:

  • An overview of the PARS model and how it is being put into practice in different parts of the world
  • Information about how and why PARS playwork practice differs to other approaches to working with children
  • An introduction to the philosophy of PARS and what this means in practice
  • An outline of PARS key concepts
  • Knowledge about how PARS theories, methods and techniques are used in practice
  • An insight into how PARS theories, methods and techniques are used to explain PARS playwork practice to other adults.



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