Mar 10 - 17 2022


UK time
8:30 pm



T2T – Training for Trainers

This T2T course is for new PARS trainers. Please only book this course if you have already received an invitation to do so. If you have not received an invite but are interested in becoming a PARS trainer, please contact us.

The cost of this course includes a two year PARS trainer licence and assessment for the PPP4 qualification.

There will be 2 T2T sessions:  a 1.5 hour “Design and Delivery” session on Thursday 10th March, and a 1.5 hour “Quality Assurance” session on Thursday 17th March, both at 8:30pm UK time. All new trainers are asked to attend the 1 hour Trainer’s Meeting on Wednesday 23rd March as a way of introduction to the team.

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