New International PARS Playwork Qualification!

PARS playwork practitioners working in any setting around the world can now gain recognition for their PARS practice with our new NCFE accredited qualification at Level 4.

Our popular PARS Online Masterclass (POM) has just been accredited by NCFE as a Customised Qualification and is now called PARS Playwork Practice (Level 4).



Accreditation and Assessment

PARS practitioners working in any setting around the world can now receive a certificate from NCFE which they can use as evidence of their PARS playwork knowledge and skills gained by completing PPP4.

PARS Playwork Practice (Level 4) has been accredited by NCFE as a Customised Qualification. Anybody who undertakes a PARS Playwork Practice (Level 4) Customised Qualification is assessed by an occupationally competent PARS playwork assessor.

Customised Qualifications that are accredited by NCFE are not recognised as UK national qualifications. However, to gain NCFE accreditation Customised Qualifications must demonstrate the quality and rigor of the programme and the programme delivery.

What does PPP4 involve?

PPP4 takes place over six sessions of two hours each. During these sessions you will learn how to use the PARS model of playwork practice. You will also need to carry out background reading and reflective practice assignments in your setting. At the end of the course you will submit assessments based on this reflective practice. These assessments are assessed by our qualified PARS playwork assessors. 

On successful completion of the assessment, you will be awarded an NCFE PPP4 certificate.

When can I start?

PPP4 programmes are available from September 2021. There are three online courses currently planned with more to follow.

To be kept up to date with new courses as they become available, please sign up to our newsletter. 

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