PARS in Mainland China

PARS Tailor-made courses in China are delivered by PARS licensed trainers for adults who work with children, including kindergarten and school teachers, playground managers, social workers, parents, etc.


PARS projects in China | PARS中国儿童自由游戏项目

Adventure Playground @ Shanghai Baoshan 上海宝山火车菜园自由游戏场

The Adventure Playgound opens irregularly on weekends in Train Garden in Baoshan District in Shanghai.   我们会不定期地在周末时间于上海宝山区火车菜园内开设自由游戏场。 “In this playground, I can play with the stuff that I am not allowed to play with at home or in school,” said a little player. 一位小朋友说:“在这里,我可以玩到平时在家在学校都不允许我玩的东西。” “No amount of pictures can present the true happiness the children had today,” said a parent. 一位家长说:“再多的照片也无法彻底展现孩子们今天的快乐。”

Play in my neighbourhood 在我的小区里自由游戏

In October 2019, Shanghai Haichang Neighborhood Committee turned an abandoned semi-outdoor public space in the neighborhood into a PARS playground for the residential children. Local residents are volunteered and trained to be PARS practitioners to support children play in their own neighbourhood. 2019年10月,上海海昌居委会将小区里原本废弃的半户外空间改造成了符合PARS理念的儿童自由游戏场。小区的居民志愿培训成为游戏工作师,协助小朋友们在小区里自由游戏。

Co-operation summer camp 夏令营合作项目

In summer 2019, PARS Playwork was merged into the daily schedule of a community-based summer camp in Shanghai. 2019年的暑假,PARS自由游戏与上海社区的一个夏令营课程融合。 “Watching these kids at the camp, I’ve learned children are masters in play. They don’t have to rely on any toys to have fun. Chasing around in the city garden, building canals in the sand, bouncing on the bounding table, observing ants, butterflies and worms in the garden, or reading books inside…they all had much fun, and it is the kind of fun they want.,” said a parent volunteer.   位志愿者家长说:“看着孩子们在夏令营里玩耍,我知道他们才是游戏的专家。他们不需要玩具就能享受游戏。在城市花园里追逐,在沙子里挖隧道,在蹦床上跳,在花园里观察蚂蚁、蝴蝶、虫子,或者就进屋看书……他们都很快乐,而且这就是他们想要的快乐。”

PARS Mainland China is run by QIAN Zheng (Caron),the Director of the Shanghai Playwork Fund, Shanghai United Foundation. PARS中国大陆地区由上海联劝公益基金会儿童游戏工作基金负责人钱铮运营。

For more information, please scan the QR code to follow the Official Wechat Account of PARS Mainland China.  请扫二维码,关注PARS中国官方微信公众号。

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