PARS in the UK

In the UK, PARS playwork is being taken up by professionals working in a wide range of settings, from out of school care to nurseries and playgroups, adventure playgrounds and also parents. Several organisations, such as Stevenage Local Authority Play Service, Smartkidz out of school care and Cambridge Kids Club have used PARS to develop their entire services, including training for staff and parents, developing policies and using the model to explain their approach to working with children to parents, funders and other professional colleagues.

Read how Tom from Smartkidz out of school care put his PARS training into practice.

We have three training venues in the UK: Somerford Grove Adventure Playground in London, Pitsmoor Adventure Playground in Sheffield, and Girton Glebe Primary School in Cambridge. Our UK-based PARS trainers, Rebekah Jackson and Shelly Newstead, are also regularly invited to develop PARS in-house training and consultancy programmes for playwork and childcare settings.

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