PARS in The Netherlands

PARS Playwork training in The Netherlands was introduced by Dr Shelly Newstead in some childcare and playground locations with a Masterclass course  – in Amsterdam, Groningen, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The participants have not only put PARS into practice in their settings, but have also asked that PARS training and support be fully available to anybody working with children and parents in The Netherlands.

From June 2021 PARS Playwork courses in the Netherlands are facilitated by PARS licensed trainer Martin van Rooijen. These trainings are for professionals, volunteers and others who work with children in diverse settings, including after-school childcare, kindergarten and school teachers, playground workers, social workers, etc.

PARS in Nederland

In Nederland heeft Shelly Newstead PARS Playwork geïntroduceerd met het verzorgen van Masterclasses voor speeltuinen en kinderopvang, in Amsterdam, Groningen, Rotterdam en Utrecht. De deelnemers hebben deze werkwijze in de praktijk gebracht en gevraagd of PARS Playwork trainingen vaker kunnen worden gegeven in Nederland, voor iedereen die met kinderen werkt.

Vanaf juni 2021 worden PARS Playwork trainingen in Nederland verzorgd door Martin van Rooijen, die als enige de licentie hiervoor heeft. Deze trainingen zijn voor professionals, vrijwilligers en anderen die met kinderen werken in diverse sectoren, waaronder naschoolse opvang (BSO), kinderdagopvang, basisscholen en overblijf, speeltuinwerkers, sociaal werkers etc.

PARS Netherlands

Martin van Rooijen will run Introduction to PARS Playwork courses coming months, followed by PARS Playwork Practicals training courses across The Netherlands in Dutch. 


Trainer Martin van Rooijen verzorgt de komende maanden de Introductie Pars Playwork Workshop, waarin kennismaking met de playwork benadering en de filosofie hierachter en het model van Pars (online, of liever live). Lees verder voor wat de (PARS) Playwork benadering is en wat het te bieden heeft, in een artikel dat Martin recent heeft geschreven voor het Korczak jaarboek: Laat ze los! Waarom we kinderen weer vrij moeten laten spelen, en hoe dat te doen.

Haunting for playwork vibes!

Judith Lechner, Managing Director, Huis de B, Groningen, The Netherlands

Well, what delightful days we had in the north of The Netherlands! Shelly visited us for a two day training programme. Four people from our afterschool childcare organization had already done PARS training before – it is so tremendously fitting for our organization, as our mission statement is: Play Together, Learn Together and Experiment However You Like! So we decided to train all our staff members. Our team is in transition at the moment from being unconsciously skilled towards being consciously skilled. So, of course, this PARS training thrilled and excited our team! It provided words and food for thought about what we are trying to attain with the children. 

We are now two weeks on from the training and last week we had a fall vacation. O my, I saw a lot of neophilic activities: ropes to climb the walls outside or a group heading off to a glass exhibition in the museum. And I noticed staff members trying to be unobtrusive during a cooking activity. All the boys and girls were enjoying themselves with pots and pans on the stoves, where normally the adults would be first in line. So last week I went home so very happy! In the meantime, we decided to appoint two ‘play coaches’ – two staff members who can train new people and who can keep this alive and kickin’! The playwork vibes are dwelling through our house. We will haunt them and catch them as if it was Halloween every day!