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Advances in Playwork Research (Routledge)

Advances in Playwork Research features original international scholarship from the emerging discipline of playwork, bringing together cutting-edge research by those working in the playwork field and studies on playwork from other disciplines. The series explores a wide range of topics related to the theory and practice of playwork, from empirical research on playwork practices, to conceptual studies on playwork theory and research. Advances in Playwork Research encompasses a variety of methodological approaches, including qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods and historical studies.

To submit a proposal to the Advances in Playwork Research series, please contact the Series Editor Dr Shelly Newstead at info@commonthreads.org.uk.

Essential Skills for Managers of Child Centred Settings (Routledge)

Managers in child-centred settings need to be able to draw on a wide range of personal and professional skills to ensure that they are providing the best possible service.


Still popular after 16 years in continuous print, the 3rd edition of Essential Skills for Managers of Child-Centred Settings looks at how you can develop the key leadership skills needed to manage people to achieve excellent settings for children.


The authors outline ten ‘essential skills’ for leading and supporting those around you in your child-centred settings and offer sound advice so you can build your personal and professional skills and become a confident and assertive manager.

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