PARS Licensed Trainer Application Form

1. Full name and contact details

2. Please give details of any relevant website address and/or social media pages which you use for professional purposes

3. I agree to these contact details being shared with anybody interested in PARS training (please tick as appropriate)

4. Current job role

5. Please give details of your previous PARS training and/or qualifications.

6. Please give details of your training and/or teaching experience.

7. Please describe your understanding of PARS playwork practice.

8. Please describe the most important elements of organising and running PARS playwork training.

9. Please list relevant qualifications.

10. Please tell us why you would like to become a PARS Licensed Trainer, including details of where and to whom you would like to deliver PARS training.

11. Please give any further details relevant to your application to become a PARS Licensed Trainer.

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