Playwork Training Hong Kong

The PARS model of playwork practice was originally piloted in Hong Kong, and in the last few years PARS has supported thousands of children in Hong Kong to enjoy their free time on their own terms. This is all due to our fantastic HK training team who have worked hard not only to deliver PARS training, but to develop an infrastructure which will support the professionalisation of PARS playwork practitioners for years to come. Their latest achievement has been to secure substantial funding which will enable them to develop a training model that combines PARS training with curriculum integration strategies which will meet the requirements of the Quality Assurance of Education Bureau. An introductory PARS course will also be embedded in the Early Childhood Education Programme of the Education University in Hong Kong, building on the success of previous face-to-face and online courses there. This will mean that children in kindergartens across Hong Kong will experience ‘free play’ sessions as part of their school day.

Find out about PARS courses in Hong Kong here

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