In January 2021, Shanghai opened its first PARS adventure playground in YangpuDistrict. Located in the biggest community garden in Shanghai, this place was originallydesigned as a play space when the community garden opened 6 years ago, but it wasnot carefully planned.


The concept of adventure playgrounds isstarting to gain attention in mainland China,and at the end of 2020, the PARS Shanghaiteam was invited to run this space and turn itinto a mini adventure playground. This uniqueadventure playground has a 5m² sandpit anda 30m² area covered with wood chips on theground, where children can safely do someclimbing. It even has indoor space in the formof a shipping container!


When children in the community were introduced to their new space in early January, they named it “Huanle Playground”,which means ‘pure happiness’. Now the adventure playground is full of children all day. On weekends, the PARS team organised Play Days with more loose parts and on school holidays, there will also be winter and summer camps. 


Find out more about PARS in mainland China.

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