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FAQ's - becoming a PARS Licensed Trainer

Do I need to speak good English to become a PARS Licensed Trainer?

It is helpful if you can speak good English so that you can fully participate in the full range of PARS activities internationally. However, if you live in a country where there is a PARS Hub, you may be able to join an existing team of PARS trainers who deliver PARS in the local language and can also help you with translation where necessary.

What does it cost to become a PARS Licensed Trainer?

The cost for a PARS training licence is included in our T2T sessions. Cost for the T2T depends on several things, including length of the licence (see below). For current Licence Fees and Course Registration Fees, please contact us.

The only other cost is a Course Registration Fee, which is payable for each course you deliver. For current Course Registration Fees, please contact us.

How long does my PARS License run for?

Initial PARS Trainers Licences are normally valid for two years. However, we are happy to consider other time periods in certain circumstances.

What happens when my licence expires?

We hope that you will renew your licence once it runs out! However, if you do not renew, you are no longer able to deliver PARS training, use any of the PARS materials or to benefit from being part of the PARS Licensed Trainer Team.

Can I charge for the PARS training I deliver?

Of course! After you have paid your licence fee, it is up to you to decide what fees you charge for your training. The only payment to us is the Course Registration Fee for each course you deliver.

Do I need to have playwork experience to become a PARS Licensed Trainer?

Yes, we ask that you complete and pass our PPP4 customised qualification before becoming a PARS trainer. 

Once I am licensed, who can I deliver PARS training to?

Once licensed, you can deliver PARS training to anybody who works with children in their leisure time, and parents. This could be through organised ‘public’ courses or in-house training specifically for organisations. Our current training team are delivering PARS training to a huge range of audiences, from out of school care and environmental projects to architects, community groups and kindergarten teachers – there is a lot of scope for PARS training!

Does the T2T teach me how to train/teach adults?

No – you must already be an experienced trainer to become a PARS Licensed Trainer. A qualification for teaching adults is great, but not essential. The T2T and other events you will take part in once you have become a PARS Licensed Trainer will help you to develop new training skills and methods, but you need to be able to demonstrate experience of teaching adults in order to be accepted on the T2T programme.

Am I assessed as a PARS trainer?

At the application stage, we rely on your honesty to tell us about your training experience and your integrity to deliver great PARS training! Once you have joined the training team, we expect you to work with our Lead Internal Quality Assurer and the rest of the team to continuously improve our training. We monitor the quality of all PARS training through regular trainer observations, the evaluation process for new and revised courses and feedback from participants. We provide regular feedback to trainers at our bi-monthly team meetings and on a one-to-one basis.

I’d like to join the PARS training team – how do I get started?

The first stage is to complete an application form. We will then get in touch to let you know if this has met our criteria for becoming a PARS Licensed Trainer and set up an interview with Dr Shelly Newstead. If accepted as a potential new trainer at this stage,  we will let you know how you can gain your PPP4 qualification which is mandatory for all PARS Licensed Trainers, regardless of previous knowledge and experience.

What support will I receive once I join the PARS training team?

Licensed trainers can choose which level(s) of PARS training they want to deliver and all training and assessment materials are provided. We also help with promoting all courses and booking systems if required. All PARS Licensed Trainers become part of our international PARS ‘family’ of trainers who work together to develop PARS theory, practice and research around the world. PARS trainers get involved in a huge range of different projects, which currently include the development of PARS programmes, conference presentations, writing projects and supporting research projects. We also run lots of development opportunities for trainers and hold regular trainer’s meetings, as well as providing extensive networking opportunities around the world.

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