The Busker’s Guide To Participation


“Participation? Of course we do – every Wednesday without fail…”

What is participation?

What’s the difference between ‘adult-led’ and ‘child-led’ ‚Äčparticipation?

And do we really need to do it at all?



The Busker’s Guide to Participation¬†sets out to help us understand our values and reasons for undertaking participation with children and young people. It shows us what authentic participation really looks like, helping us to get to grips with the ways we can positively support, interact, engage, include, involve and communicate with children and young people on all levels. Learn how to move away from simply ‘doing’ participation for participation’s sake, and start to see participation as a ‘way of being’ for the benefit of everyone involved.

“This is an excellent book for both practitioners and communities. A good mix of theory and activities
to help you understand how people approach participation and ways in which you can keep them engaged. One to keep in your back pocket at all times.”
Dr Juliet Rose, Communities Programme Manager, Eden Project

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