Play Clips 1 – Understanding Play Types


Play Clips 1 – Understanding Play Types provides 48 sequences of children’s play which illustrate Hughes’ (2002) ‘Taxonomy of Play Types’. Each of Hughes’ 16 play types is illustrated by three different clips of children playing in a range of different indoor and outdoor settings.

Please note that Play Clips 1 – Understanding Play Types is sold with a licence which allows the DVD to be used for training purposes.



Play Clips 1 – Understanding Play Types provides an essential resource to exploring one of the key playwork theories. The DVD is accompanied by a set of notes (supplied as a PDF), written by Philip Waters and with a foreword by Bob Hughes. The notes aid further exploration of the different play types and also provide technical information to allow easy use of the DVD. ‘Understanding Play Types’ provides an accessible and flexible audio-visual toolkit for playwork practitioners and play advocates.

Play Clips 1 – Understanding Play Types DVD
ISBN 978-1-904792-11-6
48 one minute video clips.
Includes Play Clips 1 – Understanding Play Types Notes  (supplied separately as a PDF)
ISBN 1-904792-12-X
38 pages. Foreword by Bob Hughes.

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