Therapeutic Playwork Reader (one)


Therapeutic Playwork Reader (one) is a collection of 14 papers written between 1995 and 2000 by Gordon Sturrock and Professor Perry Else. It shows the development of ‘psycholudics’ up to and beyond ‘The Colorado Paper’, which is included in this book.



The book introduces key playwork terms commonly in use in playwork theory and practice, such as ‘play cues’, ‘play frames’, ‘adulteration’ and ‘the play cycle’. First published by Common Threads in 2007, Therapeutic Reader (one) is essential reading for those interested in the development of playwork theory as well as those new to the theory and practice of playwork.

​ISBN 978-1-904792-26-0
A4 paperback, 156 b/w pages, includes original diagrams by the authors.

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