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Common Threads becomes an NCFE Award Centre

Common Threads has been approved by NCFE as an international Award Centre and will begin offering accredited playwork qualifications around the world in the next few months.   Approval as an NCFE Award Centre involves undergoing a comprehensive and thorough review to ensure that an organisation meets of a wide range of quality criteria, from

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PARS Newsletters

Exciting times for PARS playwork – download our recent newsletters! PARS News no. 1 Sept 2018 PARS News no. 2 Dec 2018 PARS News no. 3 Apr 2019 PARS News no. 4 Oct 2019 PARS News no. 5 Dec 2020 PARS News no. 6 Feb 2021 PARS News no. 7 Mar 2021 PARS News no.

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Shanghai’s first adventure playground!

In January 2021, Shanghai opened its first PARS adventure playground in YangpuDistrict. Located in the biggest community garden in Shanghai, this place was originallydesigned as a play space when the community garden opened 6 years ago, but it wasnot carefully planned.   The concept of adventure playgrounds isstarting to gain attention in mainland China,and at

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New 2nd Edition of The Busker’s Guide to Inclusion

First published in 2005, The Busker’s Guide to Inclusion has consistently been our second most popular Busker’s Guide, with over 15,000 copies sold all over the world. The new second edition has been fully updated to incorporate current UK legal requirements, new thinking and additional guidance, plus a new further resources section. The author, Philip

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International Journal of Playwork Practice: open access and online.

Following feedback from the growing playwork field around the world, the Board of International Journal of Playwork Practice are very pleased to announce that International Journal of Playwork Practice (formerly Journal of Playwork Practice, published by Policy Press) is now an on-line open access journal. Please visit the International Journal of Playwork Practice new website to submit articles, to sign up to the

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PARS Blog – Daring to let go by Fiona Fan, China

Fiona Fan, who took part in a PARS Masterclass in Shanghai, China, describes how she used the PARS model to allow kindergarten children to explore a new experience on their own terms…. The weather suddenly became cold, and the water in the kindergarten’s fountain was frozen. The children were very excited when they went to

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PARS Blog – Fire and Fish Soup by Lucas Devolder, Belgium

The PARS model contains twelve techniques which practitioners use to help children follow their own interests from a ‘safe enough’ perspective. Lucas Devolder, who works at Wildebras in Belgium and cycled to a PARS Masterclass in London (!), describes how he took a PARS approach to a fire-and-fish-soup situation….. Een paar jongens die reeds meerdere

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PARS Playwork Conference Programme

First ever PARS conference!

On 19th October 2020 we held our first ever PARS playwork conference -12 hours and online, it may have been the world’s first ‘open access’ playwork conference! This exciting new playwork conference showcased PARS practice in Hong Kong, Australia, mainland China, Belgium, UK and The Netherlands.  It also featured leading international academics talking about PARS

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PARS Blog – POP Reflections

Like PARS practice itself, every PARS training course turns out differently, depending on the participants and their experience. However, PARS trainers around the world find that a common set of themes arise no matter who or where they train. Our UK PARS Licensed Trainer, Rebekah Jackson, reflects on some of those themes from the recent

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Playwork Training Hong Kong

New funding for PARS professional development in Hong Kong

The PARS model of playwork practice was originally piloted in Hong Kong, and in the last few years PARS has supported thousands of children in Hong Kong to enjoy their free time on their own terms. This is all due to our fantastic HK training team who have worked hard not only to deliver PARS

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